How To Go About A Concrete Polishing Job?

Concrete polishing

Concrete polishing is a step-by-step procedure where a concrete surface is honed, polished, and coarsely crated with bonded chemically inert abrasive particles to remove the dullness and unprofessional look of a concrete floor. It is finally refined using each successive cut to achieve a prescribed level of the eye. Each polished concrete product from has a different composition that imparts various optical and physical characteristics to the stone. The polished concrete will thus have features that are desirable for aesthetic purposes.

Polished Concrete Floors: As polished concrete floors are highly durable, they can withstand heavy loads and last a very long time. Their composition also ensures that they retain their original shine for years even when subjected to extreme conditions. If you want an attractive floor but do not want its durability to compromise, go for polished concrete floors. They not only provide you with a beautiful floor, but you also get it at affordable prices.

You may have a beautiful floor, but if it is chipped, scratched or worn from frequent use, then chances are high that your existing concrete slab will not possess the original shine that you desire. Also, if you want to install flooring over a newly installed foundation, the new flooring will have to be shiny. This is where concrete polishing comes into the picture. You can give your existing concrete floors, a polished look while saving money that otherwise would have been spent on hiring professionals to perform the concrete polishing.

Contractor charges for polished concrete polishing may range from two thousand dollars to six thousand dollars, depending on the required work and material required. But with the help of modern technology, the contractor is bound to come up with more innovative solutions that offer great value for money. You as the client need not spend thousands of dollars on hiring contractors just so you can enjoy the beauty of polished concrete floor coating. You can choose to perform the concrete polishing project yourself and save a lot of money.

In this Concrete polishing method, one can use progressively finer grit stone on the surface of the floor. This gradually produces a shine that is as good as that produced by professional concrete polishers. In spite of this fact, you need to take extra care while performing this Concrete polishing method. You should wear proper shoes that will protect your feet from getting hurt during the grinding process. You can start grinding the surface of the concrete Polished by using coarse wheels with small diamond stones on them.

When you feel that the grinding is getting away from you, switch to finer grit stone and move back to the original wheels. You can keep repeating this till the desired level of shine is achieved. After you finish with this simple but effective Concrete polishing method, you will find that you do not need to employ the services of professional concrete polishers any longer. You can polish the floors of your home at your own pace and without incurring additional expenditure.

You might think that polishing floors by yourself would be a difficult task. However, you can make use of special Concrete polishing kits available in the market to perform a true concrete polishing job. These kits contain diamond particles of different sizes and grinding speeds for the purpose of imparting a uniform polish to the surface of the floors. Once you use such a kit for the first time and achieve a satisfactory result, you can work on the floors of your home as many times as you want and once you are satisfied with the results, you can simply stop using the Concrete polishing kit and continue the job with your own hands.

If you think that you have already made significant progress towards achieving the desired shine on your Concrete floors, then you can hire the services of a contractor or an expert in the field for a final polish. There are numerous advantages of employing the services of a contractor or an expert when it comes to Concrete polishing. The first advantage is that you will get an expert whom you can ask to perform Concrete polishing job on your Concrete floors at a particular rate. You can also negotiate with the contractor or the expert over the payment schedule and the costs involved in the concrete polishing job. This will help you avoid paying excessive costs for a job which you have carried out yourself.